2015 Pop Mashups! Pop Danthology, DJ Earworm!

I admit I love a mashup. The year-end mashups are always awe-inspiring. I really don’t understand how DJs do it to take a bunch of songs and somehow weave them together. DJ Earworm does an incredible job of actually, not only weaving the melodies of songs together, but he also makes the lyrics work as well.  His 2015 is one of his best:

Daniel Kim has done an impressive job the past few years with Pop Danthology, but this is his weakest edition. For a mix that is supposed to show off the best and most popular tracks in pop music, I can’t believe the amount of songs in this mix I’ve never even heard before. It’s really strange the songs that he chooses to include, and I feel like this mashup has no energy. He’s also split it into 2 parts, which I also don’t understand.

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