ET Canada Soundoff: Bieber, One Direction, Adele, Ariana Grande!

Friday the 13th is a notoriously scary day, but it’s getting a whole lot scarier for November 2015, as two rabid fanbases faceoff. Both Justin Bieber and One Direction released new albums and it was going to be a social media showdown. But can’t there be love for both of them? Yes. Justin won the first week with 649,00o copies sold, and 1D did just fine with 459,000 sold.

For this edition of Soundoff, ET Canada producers Kate Morawetz and Graeme O’Neil are discussing the pop music showdown, as Justin releases his comeback album, Purpose, and One Direction releases their “going away for a while” album, Made In The A.M.

Kate is loving Bieber’s reggae vibe, while Graeme thinks One Direction hasn’t missed a beat with Zayn Malik. But these boys aren’t the only pop superstars bringing us music to wrap up 2015.

Ariana Grande wants us to “focus” on her again with her new single, but both Kate and Graeme have a “problem” with the song and video.  Meghan Trainor has had several hits off her debut album that was released at the beginning of the year and she’s attempting to give us one more for The Peanuts Movie soundtrack, with a song called “Better When I’m Dancin’”. Graeme thinks it’s time that we finally stop thinking that Meghan is only “all about that bass.”

And what could a fall music debate be without Adele saying “Hello” again. Things get emotional on this edition of Soundoff. Watch below, and let us know what music you are loving ahead of the holiday season. Click the link to watch:

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