REVIEW: Meghan Trainor’s “Title”!

There’s people that were so ready for Meghan Trainor to be a one-hit wonder.  Her out-of-nowhere hit, “All About That Bass”, was one of the biggest songs of 2014, and it had people assuming that Trainor would soon fade into obscurity as fast as she had come out of it.  Even though she’s now delivered a second massive hit, “Lips Are Movin’”, people are still dismissing her because the song sounds so much like her first hit, but now with her album, Title, Meghan is showing she’s got a lot more fight in her to stick around than we thought.

titleOpening things with a 25 second a cappella opener Meghan sweetly sings “the best part of being a singer is singing to the world my songs”, and then it begins with “All About That Bass”.  You might be sick of it, but it’s a wonderful throwback to the doo-wop days that continues on the entertaining “Dear Future Husband”.   If you think that’s all Meghan is capable of, keep listening.  “Close Your Eyes” slows things down with a Motown groove, but keeps a current sound too.

The real shocker is that Meghan has a duet with John Legend.  That sounds like the worst combination ever, but I underestimated Meghan yet again.  “Like I’m Gonna Lose You” is the best thing on the album.  The two sound fantastic togther on the slow groove track.  “Bang Dem Sticks” has a hip hop vibe to it, “Title” has a Hawaiian island feel, and “What If I” really showcases Meghan’s voice. She didn’t need 2 songs (“3am”, “Walkashame”) about making bad decisions when she’s drunk, but this is an enjoyable album from start to finish.

Co-writing every song, Trainor isn’t trying to change the world. Like any pop star, she’s trying to entertain. And she does.  Title isn’t an incredible album, but it certainly puts her on the level of other pop princesses.  It took a while for people to accept that Rihanna and Katy Perry weren’t flashes-in-the-pan, so Meghan, keep it up. Prove ’em wrong.  And she’s now got the material to do that.

Grade:  B

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