FIRST LISTEN: WHAT?!?! Naya Rivera sings Ariana Grande’s “Problem”!


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Well, this must have been an awkward conversation. Glee made Naya Rivera sing Ariana Grande‘s “Problem”.  If you recall, Naya was engaged to Big Sean. They had a nasty breakup, and now he’s dating Ariana. He even recorded “Problem” with Ariana before he and Naya broke up.  How did that convo go where Glee producers told Naya she had to sing her ex’s new girl’s song?

“So, Naya, we have this pop song we want you to sing…”

Maybe it was punishment for Naya’s rumoured on-set drama with Lea Michele last year? Some people on Twitter said to me that they think it was actually Naya’s choice and this was her ultimate “kissoff” to Big Sean. What do you think? , and make sure you join GLEEKZ for the final season as we discuss each episode right after it airs every Friday!


  1. janice February 25, 2015 12:01 pm  Reply

    Naya ia an amazing talented singer, i think both her and ari are great at what they do…

    • Graeme O'Neil February 25, 2015 1:28 pm  Reply

      I totally agree, janice!

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