Watch George Clooney take over Downton Abbey! Hilarious!


This has been buzzed about for months, and it actually lives up to the hype. George Clooney taking over Downton Abbey is absolutely hilarious.  Shot for a ITV Charity special in the UK, Downton Abbey does its own version of A Christmas Carol with Lord Crawley (Hugh Bonneville) getting to see what Downton would be like if he was never born, courtesy of an angel (Joanna Lumley).  It’s so fun seeing the cast do a heightened version of their famous characters, and watching the downstairs crew get drunk (Mosley is covered in tattoos! LOL) is too good.  Jeremy Piven pops by as well as Mr. Selfridge, then it’s George Clooney’s time to shine…or should I say George Oceans Gravity Hollywood.

I can’t stop laughing at the sight of Maggie Smith passing out at getting a kiss on the hand from Clooney.  It’s split into two parts, and Clooney is basically all in the second part.

[vimeo 115023404]

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