REVIEW: The Theory Of Everything


Practically screaming “For Your Consideration”, The Theory Of Everything is a serviceable yet stodgy biopic about Stephen Hawking.  The best thing the film has going for it is a spectacularly good performance from Eddie Redmayne as the famous Professor.

The film actually begins before Hawking was affected by ALS, when he was a young Cambridge student.  Redmayne exhibits movie star charm in the early scenes before he seamlessly starts to take on the symptoms of the debilitating disease.  It’s quite remarkable how utterly believable Redmayne is.  From the way he moves his hands to the slurring of his words (while he could still speak) to the darting of his eyes.  It’s a phenomenal performance that will surely make Eddie a frontrunner for the Lead Actor Oscar.

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felicityAlso doing fantastic work that shouldn’t be ignored is Felicity Jones as Jane Wilde Hawking.  The two meet-cute at Cambridge, and quickly Jane has to become a caregiver to Stephen, by her own choice.  Felicity exhibits such quiet strength and a beautiful combination of love and underlying frustration.

The two of them really carry the film and jolt it with energy.  There’s really nothing wrong with the way the film is made.  Director James Marsh just seems to sit back and let his 2 actors make the proceedings interesting, which they do.  You just wish the filmmaking was more engaging and less vanilla.  It’s just directed like a typical highbrow British drama that wants to be showered with awards.  For a film that’s about a guy who was so out of the norm and went against the odds, it’s a shame there’s no risks being taken in The Theory Of Everything.  It’s an appropriately methodical film, but unfortunately, uninspired film.

Grade:  B


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