REVIEW: Nick Jonas’ “Nick Jonas”!

Well, this is quite a feat.

I never planned to pay attention to Nick Jonas‘ solo career.  He did an album with “The Administration” a few years ago, but it made no impact. Now that the Jonas Brothers are officially kaput, the former drummer for the trio is giving solo success another shot, and he just might do it.

It started with his first single, “Jealous”.  It surprised me how catchy it was, and how good Nick sounds on it.  The public seems to be slowly realizing that too, as the track steadily makes its way up the charts.  His falsetto is fantastic.  Then he released “Numb”, featuring Angel Haze.  The R&B-tinged track recalled Justin Timberlake‘s “Cry Me A River”, but Nick made the sound his own.  Then he went and did a version of “Jealous” with a gospel choir. And I’m done.

Nick JonasIt’s official. I’m on board the Nick Jonas bandwagon, so it made me very interested to hear how his album turned out…well, it’s very good.  This is a pop album through and through.  He’s not revolutionizing music, but this is a thoroughly enjoyable collection of tracks.  The pulsing, but quiet “Chains” is a bold opener that soars.  The sexy “Teacher” has an 1980s touch to it.  “Warning” starts a little bland, but the chorus is fantastic.  Opening “Wilderness” with an organ and humming vocals, it sounds like something that would be sung down the Mississippi, then the pop beat comes in and it blends perfectly.

Nick boldly sings “Push” in his falsetto, and it could be mistaken for something Maxwell recorded. Whoddyathunk? Not every song is a winner. “Take Over” doesn’t leave much impact, and “I Want You” might cross the line in being a little too creepy. Both Nick and Demi Lovato sound great on their duet “Avalanche”, but it’s a pretty typical power ballad.

There’s minor missteps, but there’s not a single bomb of a track. Nick Jonas has created an exciting album that is surprisingly one of the better pop efforts of the year.

Grade:  B+

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