FIRST LISTEN: T.I.’s scathing take on gun violence on “New National Anthem”!


This is bold.  T.I. has recorded a song called “New National Anthem” for his new album, Paperwork.  You might think “oh, that’s cute”, but in reality, it’s a scathing criticism of gun violence in America.  Skyler Grey sings the chorus that says “Home of the brave and free. Free just to murder me. Land of the beautiful. Cursed by the hate we throw. Is this the new National Anthem?”.  And that’s just the chorus.  T.I.’s verses take on the insane gun culture in America, and it becomes even more universal after the attack in Canada’s capital this week.

T.I. starts the song off by saying “I know radio probably isn’t gonna play this”, but should he release this as a single? It’s pretty awesome.


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