ET Canada Soundoff: Jeremy Renner Gets Us Fired Up!


Apparently Jeremy Renner can really get us fired up, and not just over his new movie, Kill The Messenger.

The guy is part of three big franchises: The Avengers, he joined the Bourne series with his own spinoff, and he’s returning alongside Tom Cruise in Mission: Impossible 5, plus they are even developing a sequel to Hansel & Gretel! Despite his impressive resume, for some (aka Kate), he still fails to make much of an impression on the big screen. For this edition of Entertainment Tonight Soundoff, Kate and I draw the battle line over the two-time Oscar nominee’s career and it might be our most heated battle yet.

Kate is NOT on Team Renner, while I’m ready to counterpoint with Sam Worthington, an actor who would love to have the career of Jeremy Renner. Do you agree?

Plus, where does Blake Lively fit into all this?  It all makes sense in the heated battle over Jeremy Renner.

Follow the link to watch and weigh in on the great Renner debate!

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