REVIEW: Lady Antebellum’s “747”!


Lady Antebellum have always included some great tracks across their 4 albums, but they also often land in that area of blandness too.  Well, for their fifth album, they’ve never left the area.  The first single, “Bartender”, was a good indication of what 747 would be like: boring.

Cover FrontI just got finished reviewing Blake Shelton‘s Bringing Back The Sunshine, and applauded Blake for sticking to the country formula but doing it with such catchy tunes and dynamic vocals.  Well, I’ll sit on my hands when I talk about Lady Antebellum’s 747.  There’s no denying that the trio is insanely likeable, and they are very talented.  Their music has never been anything risky and there’s a comfort in that, but they’ve always had winners like “Need You Now”, “I Run To You”, “Generation Away”, “American Honey”, “Hello World”, and “Singing Me Home” amongst the lesser-than-stellar material.

I can’t say a single track stands out on 747.  This album was produced by Nathan Chapman. The band’s first album not to be co-produced by Paul Worley.  Well, clearly it wasn’t a smart creative decision.  All the production sounds the same across the tracks.  There’s no variation to give each song its own distinction.  There’s nothing terrible on 747.  Fans will still find their favourites to sing along to, but as soon as each song is over, it’s like I never heard it to begin with.

The closer, “Just A Girl”, starts out like it might bring something different with its banjo sound, but it quickly descends into being just another bland pop-country-adult contemporary song.  Yawn.  Feel free to miss this flight from Lady Antebellum.

Grade: C-


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