It’s 2014 TIFF! Pattinson, Julianne, Winslet, Hoffman, Keaton…check out my red carpet interviews!


I’m livestreaming for Entertainment Tonight Canada on the TIFF red carpet! Here’s some of the clips!

Maps To The Stars‘ Robert Pattinson on what job he’d love to abandon acting for:

Julianne Moore on how sad her character in Maps To The Stars is:

Kate Winslet is out of time but quickly answers some Twitter fan questions on the A Little Chaos red carpet:

David Cronenberg on why the Benji character in Maps To The Stars has nothing to do with Justin Bieber:

Evan Bird on how he was inspired by Justin Bieber for his character in Maps To The Stars:

Morgan Freeman and Diane Keaton on Ruth And Alex red carpet (so chaotic and random!):

Kevin McHale on becoming the “teacher” and the final season of Glee:

Dustin Hoffman on Boychoir red carpet saying he couldn’t make it as a musician:

Watch Joel McHale totally throw me off my game on the Adult Beginners red carpet:

Sarah Gadon on why it’s not weird that she’s playing Julianne Moore‘s Mom in Maps To The Stars:

A Little Chaos’ Alan Rickman on working with Kate Winslet again 19 years later, and answers a Twitter question on directing yourself:

The CUTE boys from Boychoir on their first TIFF experience and the surprising cast member who they found the most intimidating

Eddie Izzard talks intimidating the young cast of Boychoir:

Olivia Williams from Maps To The Stars on parenting a Hollywood kid:

Marton Csokas, The Equalizer, on improvising with Denzel Washington:

David HarbourThe Equalizergreat moment on the red carpet! LOL.

Haley Bennett, The Equalizer, she’s a Cate Blanchett lookalike!

Francois Girard, director of Boychoiron directing newcomers and veterans like Dustin Hoffman and Kathy Bates

A Little Chaos’ Danny Webb on being directed by Alan Rickman and the hardest thing about a period piece (hilarious):

Allen MaldonadoThe Equalizer, on working alongside Denzel Washington





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