ET Canada Soundoff: What will be 2014’s Song Of The Summer?


The Song Of The Summer.  It’s the track you can’t escape.  The one you hear at every patio, every summer party, every beach until Labour Day rolls around.  Every artist wants to have it, but few get it.  Even though summer doesn’t officially kick-off until June 21, the contenders for the Song Of The Summer have been heating up the charts for weeks now!

Last year’s summertime anthem, Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” (with a little help from Pharrell Williams), was actually released in March 2013, while the runner-up, Daft Punk actually started to “Get Lucky” in April 2013 (high five to Pharrell on that one too!).

So chances are, we’ve already heard the song that will be everyone’s fave on the patio for 2014, but what will it be?

Iggy Azalea is currently in the lead with “Fancy” topping the charts, but nipping at her heels is Ariana Grande’s “Problem”, which also happens to feature Iggy.  Does this mean Iggy is going to be 2014’s Pharrell with two of the biggest songs of the summer?

Jason Derulo’s “Wiggle” with Snoop Dogg has something to say about that, and shirtless Usher isn’t going down without a fight with “Good Kisser”…and I still totally have a soft spot for a dead guy.

For this week’s Soundoff, we’re breaking down some of the key battles for 2014’s Song Of The Summer, and it gets as heated as ever!

What song is Katy Perry jealous of? What’s Kate’s big “problem” with Ariana’s hit? And why do I think Iggy is channeling Lorde?

All those questions are answered and more! Watch on the link below!

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