Watch Oprah and every newswoman SHOCK Barbara Walters!


In recent years, we’ve seen several farewells to veteran TV personalities (Leno, Regis), but I have to say, I don’t think anyone has delivered the moments that The View delivered saying goodbye to their leader, Barbara Walters.  You can say what you want about The View and what it did to Barbara’s legacy, but the farewell was a nice reminder of what a trailblazer Barbara was.  She did stay on-air longer than she should have (she’s become incoherent and odd in the past few years), but she was the first of her kind.

For her farewell, Oprah lead the tribute saying some pretty powerful words (of course) about how Barbara opened the door for every woman that came after her in broadcast news…then pretty much every major female newscaster literally walked through the door to showed their gratitude for Barbara. Pretty awesome. (Only person I noticed that was missing was Ann Curry, but she’s probably still nursing her broken ankle).

What do you think of the tribute?

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