REVIEW: Foster The People’s “Supermodel”!


After “Pumped Up Kicks” became a surprise hit in 2011, Foster The People got way more attention than they ever expected to. Now the band is following up Torches with Supermodel, and they prove to be no one hit wonder.  The indie pop band manages to keep with their alternative sound but still push their sound forward an interesting ways.  It reminds me of Vampire Weekend. You’re expecting their kookiness to become repetitive, but Vampire Weekend are 3 albums in, and still finding ways to surprise you.  Well, Foster The People have done the same thing with album #2.

fosterThey start things off with the rockin “Are You What You Want To Be?”, followed by “Ask Yourself”. Clearly the boys want to rethink your life. HARD. First single, “Coming Of Age”, makes you instantly want to sing along.  You can put it on your summer playlist right now.  “Nevermind” has a laid-back acoustic pop groove with another catchy refrain. And be careful: the production on “Best Friend” is so bright and cheery as Mark Foster sings about his friends being strung out, it just might inspire some dangerous activity.  And on different ends of the spectrum, “A Beginner’s Guide To Destroying The Moon” finds the band at its most grungiest, while “Fire Escape” is a quiet acoustic ballad.  How’s that for variety?

They aren’t all winners. While they aren’t terrible, “Pseudologica Fantastica”, “Goats In Trees”, “The Truth”, and “Tabloid Super Junkie” don’t connect as well as they do.  They lack the energy of the rest of the album.

But Supermodel proves that the boys still have some tricks left in their kicks (hehe).

Grade:  B

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