SHOCKER: Isaiah Washington coming back to Grey’s Anatomy!


Holy crap. Isaiah Washington is coming back to Grey’s Anatomy! I’ll give you a second to pick your jaw off the floor.

Yes, the man that was fired for throwing around homophobic slurs is returning to Seattle.  I guess it’s easier since T.R. Knight isn’t on the show anymore, but I doubt Patrick Dempsey is too happy this is happening (it was reported that he got into a fistfight with Isaiah, defending T.R.).

So why is this happening? Well, Dr. Burke is coming back in May to be part of the sendoff for Sandra Oh‘s Cristina Yang.

Creator Shonda Rhimes says that Dr. Burke will play a integral part in sending Cristina off.  ”It’s important to me that Cristina’s journey unfolds exactly as it should,” Rhimes said. “Burke is vital to that journey — he gives her story that full-circle moment we need to properly say goodbye to our beloved Cristina Yang.”

Wow. Can you believe it?

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