‘The Good Wife’ Preview: More Kalinda, Less Alicia vs. Will!


As the Television Critics Association sessions continue, it was CBS’ turn andaccording to The Hollywood ReporterThe Good Wife creators Robert King and Michelle King were the center of attention as everyone wanted tidbits onto what’s next for one of the hottest shows on television.

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They did give some insider nuggets about past episodes: that “Thicky Thick” episode that featured another courtroom showdown between Alicia (Julianna Margulies) and Will (Josh Charles) was actually written to be an Alicia vs. Diane (Christine Baranski) faceoff, but Baranski has been going back-and-forth between The Good Wife and shooting the movie musical Into The Woods (you’ve probably notice her screentime has been reduced, even though she’s appearing in every episode), and her schedule couldn’t accommodate shooting lots of scenes, so the episode was rewritten.

But what can expect going forward?

Well, there won’t be as many Lockhart/Gardner and Florrick/Agos faceoffs in the courtroom.  They don’t want things to get stale, so they’ll move away from that and have the two firms have separate storylines and cases.  We’ve already seen small disagreements, but Will’s desire to expand the firm at a rapid pace and Diane’s resistance to it will become a bigger focus.

Then there’s Kalinda (Emmy winner Archie Panjabi).  The Kings know you want more of her, and they plan on giving it to you.  It’s been hard to integrate her into this firm split in a big way (I do think she’s been very well used in her small doses), and Robert admits she was “a little adrift in the first half of the year”.   That’s gonna change.  Her story “starts crystallizing in the second half of the year.”

Michael J. Fox will likely be able to return for a guest appearance later this season as well.

Are you pumped with where the rest of season 5 goes? What do you want to see happen?

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  1. maviso January 16, 2014 8:21 pm  Reply

    Yes I would like to see more of Kalinda and a little more of the children integrated into the plot lines. I find the ‘stuffed ballots’ issue a little to manipulative and am bored with that.

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