The Top 20 Christmas Originals!


The list of the Top 20 Christmas covers was such a hit (check out that list here), I thought I’d do a top 20 of Christmas original tracks. We’ve all heard Mariah Carey‘s “All I Want For Christmas Is You”, Amy Grant‘s “Breath Of Heaven” and all the great original songs on Celine Dion‘s blockbuster Christmas album, but here are some awesome original Christmas songs you might not have heard…

20. From the sound of it, you’d think “It Snowed” was a Christmas song written in the 1940s, but nope, it was written by Canadian Meaghan Smith just a couple years ago.


19. Off his 5-disc (yes, 5) collection of Songs For Christmas, Sufjan Stevens created the extremely fun “Come On! Let’s Boogey To The Elf Dance”…and yes, you will want to dance:


18. Matt Wertz made a pretty charming Christmas album and one of his original tracks, “Snow Globe”, is a fun track that’ll get you tapping your foot.


17. And you can clap along to this fun track from Australian singer Lenka. Off a compliation album, “All My Bells Are Ringing” is an extremely upbeat song that will get just about anything ringing:


16. Way back when she was a pop singer, Jewel created a Christmas album and her single off the collection was the original song “Hands”.  Accompanied by a choir, the song doesn’t have a blatant Christmas theme, but it’s all about one person making a difference:


15. Leann Rimes recorded her Christmas album back in 2004, but “A Different Kind Of Christmas” is still making an impact. The country ballad isn’t exactly the most uplifting holiday track but it sure is powerful and Leann sounds great.


14. Country duo Sugarland must have really loved New York City at Christmastime as they wrote a song, “City Of Silver Dreams”, all about the Christmas decorations in Manhattan:


13. Sheryl Crow only wrote one original track for her terrific Home For Christmas album and it more than holds its own against the Christmas standards. Performing with just piano and string accompaniment, Crow keeps it simple with “There Is A Star That Shines Tonight”:


12. Rufus Wainwright‘s music has become increasingly somber, but not on this Christmas track. “Spotlight On Christmas” has the Canadian letting loose a little bit:


11. Mariah Carey‘s “All I Want For Christmas” is the most popular modern day Christmas song, and Kelly Clarkson totally channels it on her original song, “Underneath The Tree”, and it’s just as fun.


10.  Harry Connick Jr. has done some pretty fantastic versions of Christmas standards, but he proves with “I Pray On Christmas” that he can also deliver a great original song too. By the way, Dave Barnes also did a great cover version of this track. has 


9. Everybody loves a good hoedown, even at Christmas. Patty Loveless brings some major bluegrass to “Santa Train”:


8. Shania Twain took “God Bless The Child”, the a capella closing song about helping your fellow man, off her The Woman In Me album and turned it into a full-length song for Christmas with full accompaniment and a choir:


7. If you have a hoedown, then you might as well have a rock song, and as Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers sing in “Christmas All Over Again”, Christmas is a rockin time:


6. Written for the film adaptation of The Polar Express, Josh Groban‘s “Believe” really does sound like a Christmas classic:


5. Released this fall, Dave Barnes did an incredible job at writing several new tracks that all sound like a holiday standard, including “Christmas Tonight” , and this track, “Very Merry Christmas”.  It’ll instantly put a smile on your face with its slow groove:


4. Speaking of a song that sounds like a Christmas classic, listen to Amy Grant‘s “Christmas Can’t Be Very Far Away”.  This song totally sounds like a Christmas track straight out of the 1950s:


3. Amy Grant also performed “Welcome To Our World”, a song that really has the most beautiful lyrics I’ve ever heard on a Christmas song, with lines like “bring your peace into our violence”. The song was actually written by Chris Rice, and you can hear his version here:


2. I can’t praise Dave Barnes’ “Mary And Joseph” song enough. The acoustic song takes the story of the parents and makes it sound like a typical story of a family.  There’s no frills or embellishment. It’s just a simple story of 2 young people trying to have a baby. Then there’s the quick sum-up of Jesus’ life, “the story’s too long to tell, but he walked on water and lived through hell. Killed on a cross and rose from the grave”. And that’s that. Amazing song.


1. Another ballad about the arrival of Baby Jesus is Faith Hill‘s “A Baby Changes Everything”.  I love the slow build of this song, especially when the choir comes in:


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