Was Katy Perry racist on the AMAs? Watch and decide


Katy Perry opened up this year’s American Music Awards with her single, “Unconditionally”, and it sparked a lot of controversy.  No, not because of her subpar vocals, but because she dressed up as a geisha.  Some are calling her racist.  Now granted, most of this criticism has come from random people on Twitter.  We all know at this point that you can go on Twitter and find someone who has a problem with anything possible, so I have the reaction of “who cares?”.  Katy wasn’t making fun of the culture, so I can let it slide. What do you think? Was she racist?

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  1. teri November 25, 2013 9:18 pm  Reply

    Well, I’ve got news for the finger pointers. That’s not “geisha” garb. Katy’s wearing some hybrid kimono with western sleeves. Besides, even if she’s “supposed” to be playing geisha, wtf is so wrong with that? Or, is the prevailing perception that geisha is synonymous with prostitute? Fallacy. It was never that.

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