‘Gravity’: The other end of Sandra Bullock’s radio call!


Remember that scene in Gravity when Sandra Bullock gets on the radio to call for help and she ends up speaking to someone speaking a foreign language and has howling dogs and a baby?  Well, now Jonas Cuaron has written and directed a new short film, Aningaaq, showing you the other side of the phone call. A very cool idea.  Jonas wrote the Gravity screenplay with his father, Alfonso (who directed Gravity), but here, Jonas does it all himself.

Shot in Greenland, the film was originally intended to just be an extra feature on the Gravity Blu-Ray, but the reaction to Aningaaq has been so positive that Warner Brothers has decided to submit the short film for Oscar consideration.

If Aningaaq is nominated for Best Short Film and Gravity is nominated for Best Picture, it will be the first time in history that a feature and a spinoff short have been nominated in the same year.  

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