FIRST LISTEN: Kelly Clarkson & Robbie Williams duet on “Little Green Apples”!


It’s an odd thing that Kelly Clarkson has rarely done duets with people.  Reba McEntire did a version of “Because Of You” that Kelly had a small part in, while Kelly had a massive hit with Jason Aldean on “Don’t You Wanna Stay”.  Well, while she’s busy promoting her Christmas album, Kelly is finally doing another duet! She’s the featured artist on Robbie Williams‘ “Little Green Apples”.  It’s way outside Kelly’s comfort zone, but she can make her voice adapt to anything and here, she makes her usual powerhouse vocals very smooth.  It’s an airy song originally written in 1968 that has been covered by tons of artists including Burl Ives, Frank Sinatra, Glen Campbell, Tony Bennett, The Temptations, and Dionne Warwick.  That’s an impressive list, and Kelly and Robbie’s version is a worthy addition to the list.


  1. Brandy November 11, 2013 3:02 am  Reply

    I don’t think the girl has a comfort zone. There hasn’t been much she can’t sing, and make me believe it. She’s highly underrated in my opinion. This sounds beautiful <3

    • Graeme O'Neil November 11, 2013 3:46 am  Reply

      yeah, you’re probably right. kelly can do anything!

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