October Roundup: The 5 Songs You Need To Hear!


October saw a whole wide range of releases from Katy Perry to Arcade Fire, and Kelly Clarkson started the Christmas music train with her first holiday album, but here’s the 5 songs that you might not heard this month that you should give a chance:

Amos Lee – “The Man Who Wants You”
Amos Lee can be a little downbeat, but not here. This sounds like something Al Green would have recorded in the 1970s. Listen to the track, then check out the album review.

Haim – “Running If You Call My Name”
Haim released a solid debut album (here’s the album review), and this is one of the best tracks on it.

The Killers – “Shot At The Night”
The Killers are always hit and miss with their singles, but this one is a total hit. I love that they fully embraced an 1980s sound here.

Sia featuring The Weeknd & Diplo – “Elastic Heart”
Sia’s contribution to “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” is a fantastically unique track, and just wait for The Weeknd’s vocals to come in. This is a fantastic duet.

Miley Cyrus – “Get It Right”
Seriously. Give this a chance (and the album). Pharrell gave the controversial pop star a simplistic melody that’s a killer.  Love the guitar riff, and Miley shows a lot of charisma here. 


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