New Musical Tells The Story of Jesus…using Britney Spears’ music

britney jesus

Forget the Holy Bible. Just study Britney Spears‘ music. Seriously.

A new musical called SPEARS will tell the story of Jesus Christ from birth to death, using Britney’s music as the soundtrack. So Jesus could be belting out songs like “Stronger”, “Gimme More”, “Toxic”, and I guess the crucifixion scene could be set to “(Hit Me) Baby One More Time”.  Who will be the “Womanizer”? I guess Judas could sing “Hold It Against Me”.

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I might as well let the creator’s vision speak for itself. Here’s Pat Blute’s statement from the show’s website:


“Listen. That is my only hope for you is that you will use your ears and your heart. So many of the heartaches, loneliness, and miscommunications that we feel are direct results of not listening. We don’t listen to the pleas for help. We don’t hear the desperations of family and friends. But we will eavesdrop. We will infiltrate the personal space of others to get some type of satisfaction. To take context out of consideration through images. Through materialism. Through greed. So listen. These are Britney’s lyrics. These are Jesus Christ’s images. The Britney Spears you see is not Britney Spears. Remember that. The Jesus Christ you read is not Jesus Christ. These are manifestations. Accounts through the media, through the words of followers, of friends, of foes, of villains, of heroes, of liars, of biases. It’s a falsehood that people believe fame and fortune create happiness. That all ‘deaths’ receive a resurrection. I hope this project will show you otherwise through the power of listening and the power of forgiveness. Special thanks to all involved in this production. Much love. -Pat Blute”

He concludes by urging us to watch the show to understand how these two ‘opposing’ worlds can collide. Now before you run off to try and buy tickets, it’s not up and running…yet. They are having a funder’s preview on November 7th in Studio A of the Foxwoods Theater in New York City.  So I guess Britney isn’t taking care of the bill for this one.

Do you think this is a good idea? What songs would you want to see included? I wonder how “Work Bitch” will be worked in. You wanna walk on water? You better work bitch.


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