CBS considering a terrible “How I Met Your Mother” Spinoff


In a move that reeks of desperation, CBS is considering spinning off How I Met Your Mother into a new show called (get this) How I Met Your Father, and it will be the exact same premise of the current show, except it will have a female lead telling the story of how she met her future husband. Seriously. This is actually being considered.

Frasier didn’t work because that character just went to a new bar in Boston. It put him in a whole new situation with a bunch of strongly-written characters.  You can’t just redo the same show again and switch the sexes.  The proposal is that How I Met Your Father will also feature a group of friends in New York, and it will even use the same bar, MacLaren’s Pub, that the current cast of characters hang out at. Yawn.

The thought is that the new cast of characters will be introduced in the series finale of How I Met Your Mother this May. Talks are extremely preliminary at this point, so let’s hope someone comes to their senses and realizes this is a terrible idea.


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  1. Jen October 31, 2013 1:58 am  Reply

    I think it could work, but only if they moved it to a different city, as you said. It definitely needs to have a bigger “twist” than just ‘it’s her perspective’.

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