What should Miley Cyrus’ third single be?


After the megahits “We Can’t Stop” and “Wrecking Ball”, it’s almost time for Miley Cyrus to move onto a new single off her latest album, Bangerz.  Miley recently said in an interview she wants the title track, “SMS (Bangerz)”, to be the next single.  Yup, the song that features Britney Spears, that is actually the worst track on the album.  That’s seriously Miley’s choice?  It’s the most blatant pop/dance song on the album, but it’s an absolute mess.  It is a smart move for her to go for an upbeat song after the ballad “Wrecking Ball”, but she should definitely go with one of the Pharrell tracks, “Get It Right” and the country-esque “4×4” featuring Nelly.  The opening song, “Adore You”, performed really well on iTunes when the album was released, but that’s another ballad. She should save that for single #4. What do you think she should go with?

One of the ones I mentioned? Or maybe the Rihanna-esque “Do My Thang”?  Weigh in in the comments below:

“SMS (Bangerz)” featuring Britney Spears

“Get It Right”

“4×4” featuring Nelly

“Adore You”

“Do My Thang”

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