Kim Raver and William Devane returning for “24: Live Another Day”!


Another face will be returning for the new season of 24!  Kim Raver will reprise her role of Audrey Raines, an analyst at the Department of Defense.  When we first met Audrey in season 4, she was basically a whiny love interest for Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) where most of her role was “pay attention to me, Jack!” when the s*** was hitting the fan.

But in season 5, her character was developed into a much stronger, independent character who was as kick-ass in the boardroom as Jack is out in the field.  They made a great team. Her character suddenly became a fan favourite with her revitalized role.

She showed up again in season 6, but after a convoluted plotline, Audrey ended up being in a catatonic state and Jack said goodbye to her at the end of that season.  The show ran for 2 more seasons, but Audrey was never spoken of again.

Well, she’s coming back, and let’s just hope she’s not in the catatonic state anymore, and back to being Jack’s trusty sidekick.

Also returning will be William Devane, who played Audrey’s father, James Heller, who was the Secretary of Defense.  The rumour is that the new U.S. President will be a character we’ve met in the past, so maybe it’s Heller?

The new season of 24 called Live Another Day will actually only be 12 episodes, so the show will not profile every hour of the day, but jump forward in time (disappointing from my point of view). It was also revealed this week that the show will take place in London this season, and will pick up things a few years after the series finale ended (when Jack had to go off the map).

Here’s hoping we get to see the (already announced) returning cast members Kiefer Sutherland and Mary Lynn Rajskub (who plays the ultimate fan favourite, nerdy, awkward, hella-smart Chloe O’Brien) run around Big Ben.  Maybe the Queen can cameo?

Are you excited for the new season? Who else do you want to see return?

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