ABC Considering ‘Modern Family’ Spinoff!


Modern Family has won 4 straight Emmys for Best Comedy Series (not to mention multiple Emmys for Julie Bowen and Eric Stonestreet, plus a statue for Ty Burrell) and as it enters its fifth season, it’s still one of the biggest shows on television.  So it makes sense that ABC would consider doing a spinoff, but who exactly do you spin off?

Deadline is reporting that details are sketchy at this point as several different ideas are being discussed, but one of the frontrunners is to center a show around Rob Riggle, who has played Gil Thorpe in a few episodes over the course of the show.  Gil is the real estate rival to Ty Burrell’s character Phil, and even employed Claire (Julie Bowen) for an episode last season.

The idea is being developed by Modern Family co-creator/executive producer Steve Levitan as well as co-executive producers Paul Corrigan and Brad Walsh.  So obviously the spinoff would be insanely different from the flagship show, and it won’t even focus on a character that we really know all that well.  You could toss it off as a bad idea, but Frasier became the perfect counterargument to all these doubtful thoughts. It took a character from Cheers that we all said “THAT’S the character you’re going to spinoff?” and turned it into sitcom gold.

So what do you think? Is this spinoff a good idea? Do you want to see Modern Family get spunoff in any capacity?


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