FIRST LISTEN: Naya Rivera’s “Sorry” featuring Big Sean!


naya-rivera-featuring-big-sean-sorryGlee star Naya Rivera is finally getting around to aiming for pop stardom.  The TV star has always been the cast member who had the most potential to break out in pop music, and she has a good chance with her first single, “Sorry”.  She recruited boyfriend Big Sean to contribute a rap verse for the R&B track to smartly give her some street cred.  The song is somewhat unexciting on a first listen, but after a few listens, it starts to take effect. It’s pretty catchy.

Rivera has released a lyric video that follows the current trend of featuring naked women.  Female nudity is all the rage this days with Robin Thicke, Justin Timberlake, John Legend, and Miley Cyrus all exposing the female body.  Is it getting too much? Is it a desperate attempt for attention? What do you think? Watch Naya’s lyric video and weigh in:

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