REVIEW: Jack Johnson’s “From Here To Now To You”


You gotta give Jack Johnson credit for sticking to his guns at least. He quietly came onto the scene in 2001 with his refreshing debut, Brushfire Fairytales, and it became a word of mouth hit.  It was sunny, pretty folk music that went against everything that was going on in pop music.  A decade and 7 albums later, Jack is still doing that sunny pretty folk music. While similar artists like Sheryl Crow and Ben Harper try out different sounds, Jack stays exactly the same. You cannot hear a new Jack Johnson album, and you already know exactly how it’s going to sound.

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So it’s hard to judge From Here To Now To You.  Jack remains a talented guy with an easily identifiable sound, but it’s all stuff we’ve heard hundreds of times before from Johnson.  It would work wonders if Jack had the occasional featured artist, added some brass to a track, or just did something that was different to the production than the acoustic guitar-based sound.   An artist should evolve over time.  Jack is still stuck in 2001.

This album is a step-up from his sleepy 2010 album, To The Seaso that’s something.  Songs like “Tape Deck” and “Washing Dishes” have a nice energy about them. But this review has about as much excitement as you get from listening to the album.

So From Here To Now To You will please fans who like to stick with the familiar and don’t like to be surprised. For others, just put on one of Jack’s other albums and you’ll be just as satisfied.

Grade: C+

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