REVIEW: Ariana Grande’s “Yours Truly”


Here comes another child TV star who’s trying to make the transition to mainstream pop music. Before you start rolling your eyes and dismissing her altogether, hold on. Ariana Grande can sing. Like, really sing.  What a refreshing concept.

The 20-year-old’s voice has been compared to Mariah Carey, with her airy voice that has the ability to go up to octaves only dogs can hear, and Grande models her music after Mariah’s as well.  The sound on Yours Truly has that R&B/pop sound that existed on all of Mariah’s biggest hits, like “Always Be My Baby”, “Dreamlover”, and “Fantasy”.

Ariana doesn’t blow you away with any particular track, but this is a consistent, confident, and entertaining pop album with tracks like “Baby I”, “Better Left Unsaid”, her big hit “The Way”, and the wonderful duet, “Almost Is Never Enough”, with Nathan Sykes from The Wanted. There is a lack of personality on the collection of songs, but hopefully that will come as Ariana matures with her future work.

For now, she just comes off as a younger Mariah Carey, and for an artist to be even mentioned in the same sentence as that hitmaker, that’s a really big compliment and a great foundation to build a career.  It’s so unique to see a young artist not having to hide behind gimmicks, theatrics, and heavy production.  Ariana’s voice speaks for itself.

Grade: B

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