FIRST LISTEN: Three new tracks from Lady Gaga, “Manicure”, “Swine”, “Sex Dreams”


As she preps for her set on September 1 at the iTunes Music Festival, Lady Gaga is given fans a little taste of 2 tracks from new new album, Artpop, that aren’t “Applause”.  “Manicure” and “Swine” have a very interesting feel to them. Neither clip has the greatest sound, but from this first listen, they definitely have more of a rock feel to them.  Now, this could just be because Gaga is performing them with a full band, and the studio version will have a more electronic sound, but there’s no denying the 70s Rock sound of “Swine”. Here it is:

For “Manicure”, the sound is even more destorted, but it definitely makes me curious to hear what Gaga has cooked up for her latest album.

It’s hard to get a handle on “Sex Dreams” from this clip. It does sound more like a dance track, but the audio is so muffled. What do you think of the 3 previews?

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